January 20, 2022

Is evening exercise good? – 3 important notes

Many people like to exercise at night because they take advantage of the rest of the day. Still, is evening exercise good? Should you maintain an exercise routine at this time?

Should you exercise at night?

There are many conflicting opinions about whether to exercise at night or not, to answer this question, let’s take a look at 3 outstanding benefits of evening exercise habits.

1. Improve exercise efficiency

According to a study from the University of Birmingham in the UK, when you exercise in the evening, you can exercise up to 20% longer with higher exercise intensity than other times of the day.

Evening is the time when the body is most productive. Additionally, according to Heather Webb, a researcher at Texas A&M University, in the morning the hormone cortisol is active and can inhibit muscle growth. Meanwhile, the rise in the hormone testosterone in the evening is capable of boosting muscles. Therefore, you will tend to train harder and more effectively when exercising at night.

2. Improve sleep quality

Researchers have conducted several evaluation experiments comparing the sleep quality of people who exercised at night with those who did not. Results showed that those who exercised at night fell asleep faster and deeper.

Furthermore, being physically active at the end of the day helps to circulate blood, balance the emotions and release mood. As a result, your spirit will be refreshed and work more productively the next day.

3. Help with weight loss 

Evening exercise helps with weight loss

Can exercise at night lose weight? A late-day exercise has the potential to lower levels of the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin, according to an article in Experimental Physiology. As a result, this routine will help you lose or control your weight.

At the same time, evening is when the body is at its highest temperature. This is the right time to burn more calories and effectively lose fat. However, if you want the best weight loss results, besides your exercise plan, you need to incorporate it with a scientific and healthy diet .

These benefits are also an answer to the question of whether evening exercise is good and whether to exercise at night.

3 important notes when exercising at night

1. Do not practice near bedtime

While being active will help you improve your sleep, if you practice too close to bedtime, it can be counterproductive.

Exercise increases body temperature and heart rate. This will help you stay awake, but it can also interfere with sleep. So, for 2 hours before going to bed, you should not exercise to avoid affecting your health. If you go to bed at 22:00, practice in the time frame from 17:30 – 20:00.

2. Have a snack before and after your workout 

snacks before evening exercise

You should snack at least 30 minutes before training to stay energized during the session. At the end of a training session you also need to recharge, this not only helps restore and foster muscles after training but also prevents you from feeling hungry and losing sleep.

Eating too full before and after exercise causes the body to accumulate fat, excess energy and affect the digestive system .

3. Do not shower immediately after exercising 

Taking a shower right after an evening exercise is extremely dangerous. It can even cause a stroke.

After exercising, the body is still sweaty, the pores are still dilated, the heart rate is not stable. To be safe, wait for about 20 minutes for your body to settle down. Next, you use a dry towel to wipe your body and should shower with warm water.

Suggestions 5 exercises for evening exercise

1. Squat: Exercises to help firm round 3

  • Legs shoulder width apart, upright, hands forward
  • Lower your buttocks so that your thighs are parallel to the ground
  • Back straight, put weight toward buttocks and heels
  • Use heel force to push your body upright back to starting position

2. Crunches: Helps to reduce fat effectively in the waist area

  • Lie on your back, back on the floor, hands behind your head
  • The legs are bent perpendicular to the ground, squeezing the abdominal muscles, lifting the body
  • Next, lower your back to the floor
  • Note, use the force of the abdominal muscles to lift and lower the body.

3. Plank: Exercises to firm the body, reduce belly fat

  • Keep your body parallel to the floor, face facing the ground
  • Legs stretched, shoulder-width apart, elbows resting on the floor
  • The head, shoulders, back, and legs form a straight line
  • Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

4. Ground inhalation: Helps round 1 firm, neat

  • Hands touch the floor, arms and feet perpendicular to the ground
  • The head, shoulders, back, and legs form a straight line
  • Elbows, lower body, chest close to the floor
  • Raise the body back to the original position

5. Kick scissor: Exercises to make abdominal muscles healthy and slim

  • Lie on your back on the floor, face facing the sky
  • Hands close to the buttocks, use abdominal muscles to lift the legs about 20cm from the floor
  • Bring right leg higher than left leg, kick to the left, back still keep close to the ground
  • Similarly, lower right leg slightly, bring left leg higher, kick to the right.

In addition, running, cycling, physical activity with weight training or meditation, yoga, aerobic are also suggestions to improve health, improve physique. Exercising at night has many positive values. Start with gentle exercises tonight and try to maintain it regularly!

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