January 20, 2022

Benefits of Green Tea for Health and Skin

Eastern influences are huge in beauty and fashion right now: we’re all about the East meets West collision of culture in everything from celebrity style to our favorite ingredients. When it comes to skin care, we’re in a committed relationship with green tea: a superstar ingredient with Eastern origin and Western diaspora. We’re shining a spotlight on the benefits of green tea for skin, and how to use it in an effective and absorbable form for maximum glow.

1. Green Tea Health Benefits

First let’s talk where green tea all started. In the 7th century, Japanese monks visiting China to study Zen Buddhism returned home with their new discovery of green tea’s wonderful healing properties. In the following centuries, drinking green tea became a staple for Japanese monks, imbuing them with energy and mental focus that enhanced their meditation. Green tea health benefits also include detoxing power, and an ability to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Today, Japanese green tea – also known as matcha – has developed a shining reputation for its high levels of antioxidants. But that’s not its only star quality. Green tea health benefits can be enjoyed both from drinking it and applying it on skin. Here are the six top reasons to use green tea for skin.

2. Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

#1 Drinking and applying green tea fights skin cancer by promoting DNA repair

Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCG that fights DNA damage from UV rays to prevent skin cancer. That means it’s also a potent anti-aging ingredient that combats signs of aging when ingested or applied topically.

#2 We love green tea for its anti-inflammatory properties

Thanks to its high content of polyphenols called catechins, those in green tea reduce irritation, redness, and swelling. Throw on a Green Tea Water Bomb Mask for a pampering way to enjoy the benefits of green tea for skin. It’s an intensely hydrating face mask that absorbs into your skin for reduced redness and soothed skin.

3. Green tea is powerful antibacterial agent for treating acne and uncloging pores

Polyphenols in green tea damage bacterial membranes and fight against infection, meaning that it’s a useful tool for treating bacterial growth that causes acne. It helps kill systemic bacterial inflammation for smoother, toned skin.

#4 Green tea is chock full of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, both essential for skin health maintenance

B2 plays an essential role in maintaining collagen levels for youthful skin structure and firmness. Vitamin E supports new skin cell growth and also acts an intense hydrator for soft and nourished skin.

#5 Caffeine and tannins in green tea help shrink blood vessels around the eyes for treating puffy eyes and dark circles

Apply some Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream that’s packed with green tea and coffee for powerful skin depuffing and brightening action.

#6 The benefits of green tea for skin expand to your hair, too!

Green tea leaf fibers are proven to stimulate hair growth, thanks to catechins and polyphenols stimulating cell turnover in hair follicles. We feature green tea fiber in our celebrated Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder, which fans cheekily refer to as “hair extensions for your eyebrows.”

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