January 20, 2022

8 effects of vitamin E for health you should know

The effects of vitamin E do not just stop at beauty care, but also help you bring many important benefits to overall health.

Vitamin E is the generic name for a group of 8 compounds with antioxidant properties . Although the natural form of vitamin E exists in eight chemical variants, it is primarily an alpha-tocopherol form that helps meet human needs and is most bioavailable. Therefore, most of the effects of vitamin E are derived from this form.

As an antioxidant, alpha-tocopherol helps eliminate free radicals in the body. Free radicals can come from cigarette smoke , direct sunlight, air pollution and other external sources, causing oxidative damage to DNA cells. This can lead to premature aging , heart disease , increased inflammation in the body and an increased risk of cancer . 

Let’s find out 8 good effects of vitamin E on health!

1. Promote skin health

The skin is the largest organ in the body and you need more care besides daily cleansing and good quality natural soaps. Because alpha-tocopherol is the most abundant fat-soluble antioxidant in the skin, low levels of this vitamin will impair skin quality. However this can be handled by improving skin levels through internal and local treatments. Vitamin E can be easily absorbed by the epidermis (where it has the highest level) and the dermis.

Like in the rest of the body, vitamin E works to prevent free radical damage on the skin and may help prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays . Because of its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory compound, vitamin E helps prevent skin swelling and edema. At the same time, vitamin E is also beneficial in preventing rashes and other conditions resulting from chronic dermatitis .

The effect of vitamin E helps the skin maintain elasticity and smooth appearance in the event of age, the vitamin E concentration of the skin is reduced or may be affected by UV or ozone exposure. These are two factors that can deplete the skin’s supply of vitamin E.

2. Prevent cardiovascular disease

For people with high oxidative stress , vitamin E may protect the heart, especially for people with diabetes or on dialysis . Other studies show that when used alone and without other antioxidants, vitamin E reduces the risk of heart attack by up to 20% .

Cholesterol is essential for the functioning of nerves, cells and hormones. However, when oxidized cholesterol becomes harmful to the body, especially the blood vessels, the cardiovascular system . Various studies have shown that vitamin E prevents cholesterol oxidation. Therefore, you should take vitamin E supplements to maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the body.

3. Support good vision

One study found that when vitamin E was used in combination with vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc helped reduce age-related macular degeneration by 25% (AMD) . In addition, another study found that the 5-year risk for cataracts is up to 60% lower for people using supplements containing a-tocopherol in nature.

Daily use of high doses of vitamin E and vitamin A may help improve vision in people undergoing laser eye surgery. However, you should consult your doctor before use to avoid side effects from overdose.

4. Improve joint muscle

Studies have shown that vitamin E can reduce joint pain in people who are sedentary and active after 6 weeks of taking a 400 IU dose. This is evidence of the effects of vitamin E on beneficial osteoarthritis damage .

The effect of vitamin E can also help improve physical endurance by increasing energy and reducing the level of oxidative stress on your muscles after exercise . At the same time, vitamin E can also improve muscle strength, eliminate fatigue by promoting blood circulation, strengthening capillary walls and nourishing muscle cells.

5. Enhance immunity

As you get older, your immune system will begin to decline, but the effects of vitamin E may help slow this process. In a series of studies conducted in 1990-1997, it was thought that supplementing with vitamin E for the elderly could help boost their immune response.

Vitamin E is sometimes used to reduce the harmful effects of medical treatments, such as radiation and dialysis in treating cancer. This is because the effect of vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals in the body in order to reduce unwanted side effects of drugs that cause hair loss or lung damage.

There is ample evidence that a diet rich in foods containing vitamin E can improve cellular immunity by making greater differentiation in immature T cells (immune cells). Vitamin E can also help improve the recovery time of organs in the body after radiation treatment. 

6. Balance hormones

The effect of vitamin E plays an important role in the endocrine and nervous systems, acting to balance hormones naturally. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance may include premenstrual syndrome (PMS) , weight gain, allergies, urinary tract infections , skin changes, anxiety and fatigue.

By helping hormones balance, vitamin E will help you maintain a healthy weight, keep a regular menstrual cycle and give your body more energy.

7. Help hair healthy and beautiful

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce the environmental damage to your hair. It can also promote circulation to the scalp. Oily vitamin E can retain the skin’s natural moisture, preventing your scalp from drying and flaking.

Vitamin E is one of the hair-healthy vitamins that helps your hair look healthier and fresher. You can apply a few drops of vitamin E oil to your hair, especially if your hair shows signs of drying and dullness.

8. Preventing broken nails

Brittle nails that are brittle are often a sign of natural aging, but can also be caused by fungal infections and other potential health conditions. The effect of vitamin E can help treat brittle nails thanks to its ability to help improve hydration and increase nail flexibility. Applying oil-based vitamin E regularly 5 minutes a day can significantly reduce the risk of cracking or breaking nails.

In the human body, the effects of vitamin E are strong antioxidants and are common in foods like nuts, fish, many fruits and vegetables. Skin care products often contain this vitamin.

The above information can hopefully help you understand more about the effects of vitamin E on health. This is a vitamin in oils that can cause side effects if you take the wrong dose, so talk to your doctor before use to make sure it is safe!

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