January 20, 2022

6 tips to help you exercise the right way

The right exercise not only brings you many health benefits, but also helps your body avoid unwanted damage. So how do you exercise safely and effectively?

If you exercise the wrong way, you not only hurt your body, but you also won’t burn as many calories as you want. On the other hand, the wrong exercise habits have a lasting effect on your health too.

Here are 6 ways to exercise the right way to get your workout highly effective.

1. Have a snack before exercising

Many people often think that exercising on an empty stomach will burn more body fat than eating before exercise. However, according to Everydayhealth , you should have a snack about 45 minutes – 1 hour before exercising to energize your body.

Your body needs a certain amount of glucose (blood sugar) to maintain energy during exercise. The body of fasting will easily lead to low blood sugar. If the blood sugar is low, it will make you tired, drowsy, dizzy during exercise and even reduce the effectiveness of weight loss.

In addition to the habit of snacks, you should drink 400 – 500ml of water before exercise to provide energy to the body and prevent dry throat. You also need to prepare sports drinks to drink after 15 minutes of exercise and only take a small sip to prevent reflux. Drinking enough water for the body is very important to detoxify the body and reduce excess fat.

2. Stretch before exercising

Performing stretching exercises is also the right exercise step to help you warm up, avoid the risk of injury and increase the benefits of exercise.

Take 5 – 10 minutes to warm up with cardio exercises such as jogging, cycling, jumping rope … Then, you do muscle stretching exercises to stimulate the brain, increase the range of motion of muscles and joints and prevent sprains, muscle pain….

One of the stretches you can do is bend your knees one by one so that your heels are almost touching your buttocks. Your knees should be pointing straight to the ground and your arms will follow your legs. At first, slow down to get used to the movement and then slowly step on your foot faster. The more you raise your heels and keep your knees facing the ground, the better, as the quadriceps muscles will be stretched.

3. Perform a variety of exercises

If you want to exercise the right way to lose weight, you should do a series of circuit training exercises to increase your heart rate and burn maximum calories. Rotating series of exercises will be done by combining many movements together (about 4-5 exercises) and exercising at high intensity with very little rest.

For example, you would do 1 set of push ups and then move on to 1 set of lung exercises. You change active muscle groups without stopping exercising. To increase your heart rate and burn more calories, you can spend 1 more minute jumping rope, sprinting … and back to the rotation exercise series. This way, you will save the most of your workout time but still burn a lot of calories compared to just regular cardio . 

The rotation exercises will affect many parts of your body. You can also do exercises that impact one part of the body and then move on to another. For example, lifting weights is an exercise that helps you increase fat burning that men or women can do.

4. Change exercise habits

If you stick to the habit of doing one exercise each day, your body will get used to it and make it difficult for you to lose weight and receive health benefits. So you should change your exercises at least 2 times / 1 week to change your exercise habits and help your organs to impact as much as possible.

If you normally lift 2 to 3 kilograms, try changing weights to 4 pounds after two weeks or if you normally only run for 10 minutes, then increase your running time to 30 minutes. If you are practicing boxing, you can also switch to a new form of exercise such as yoga, cycling, brisk walking , dancing, weight lifting …

5. Do not use the phone when exercising

High intensity exercise time is essential for you to burn excess fat. If you want to see satisfactory results, you should not use your phone when exercising because at this time you are giving your body rest and not able to focus on exercise.

Determine your maximum heart rate in beats per minute to see if you’re exercising vigorously or not. Women’s maximum heart rate will be calculated by the formula of 220 subtracting current age and men’s maximum heart rate is 226 minus current age.

Although you need to focus on exercising with high intensity, if you feel overtrained, reduce the intensity to avoid exhaustion, fainting, or injury.

6. Know your limits

Know your limits if you don’t want the exercise to be ineffective. Overtraining will injure your body and affect your daily activities, even causing you to stop exercising for a while. Now you have to lie down to treat the disease so it is even easier to gain weight!

If you damage one part of your body, you can do exercises on other areas. If your upper body is injured such as pain in the shoulder joint , torn arm muscles, you can do high intensity cardio in the lower body such as jogging, jumping, jumping rope, squat …

If your injuries are on lower extremities such as knees, ankles, feet, calves … then you can try low-impact cardio exercises such as swimming, rowing, boxing with light and moderate force. right.

If you suffer from any bodily injury, it’s best to still get treatment as directed by your doctor. If you still want to exercise, get approval from your doctor.

You should note that you should not exercise in the early morning when it is still dark in the park because trees are emitting carbon dioxide that is not good for health. You should also exercise only early in the morning after 6 o’clock to avoid fog. Besides, on cold winter days, you should exercise at 8 – 9 am or 5-6 pm to avoid a stroke . 

When you know the right exercise secrets, you not only help the body lose fat, lose weight, but also have many health benefits. You also need to exercise in moderation to avoid unwanted injury. After exercising, dry your sweat and bathe with warm water to relax your body.

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