January 20, 2022

4 Ultra Simplified Steps of a Skincare Routine when Lazy

On lazy days, you have to double-cleansing and continue to exfoliate, apply lotion, essence, apply a mask and apply eye cream, moisturizing cream, is it really sluggish? For skincare lovers, doing so many steps is a great pleasure. However, no matter what you like, it is inevitable when you are lazy, just want to rest as soon as possible without touching anything. Although laziness is never encouraged, here are the super minimal skincare steps for lazy days!

1. Cleansing

When you wake up in the morning, your skin often has sebum because the skin absorbs nutrients and excreted it at night. To clean the skin the most thoroughly, we often follow oil-based cleaning and then water-based cleaning, but in a day of laziness, you can skip these 2 steps. An alternative to it is to use makeup remover to pour on cotton pads and wipe it on your face. However, not all makeup removers can be used like that! You should choose a makeup remover that does not cause skin viscosity, and does not rinse with water.

Before going to bed, to be precise, it is still recommended that you use a water-based makeup remover before using a facial cleanser to ensure 100% removal of sunscreen residue. However, some types of cleansers also have the ability to gently clean sunscreen, so if you are using such a cleanser, you can temporarily skip the previous makeup removal step. Note that you should use a cleanser in the standard pH range because then you do not need to use a separate step of water balance anymore.

2. Mineral Spray

A suitable cleanser will not dry your skin after washing it, but immediately after absorbing the water, you should always use mineral spray to replenish the skin. The water in mineral spray contains many vitamins and minerals, not like regular filtered water. Moreover, the mist spray also helps the water spray to penetrate the skin better.

3. Sleeping mask

And a lazy day ending up with a sleeping mask is perfect. After the mineral spray, apply a sleeping mask on your skin to lock water into the skin. A sleep mask with a slightly thick gel-like texture that contains more nutrients, moisturizing ingredients, and antioxidants is sure to have a huge effect on those lazy days. Although we recommend that sleeping masks should be used after moisturizers – i.e. take the sleeping mask as an extra step, you can actually skip the moisturizer in front of the sleeping mask. The tip here is to thicken it a bit. Rest assured that the mask will penetrate the skin like a lotion, not thicken up, the pillow cover when sleeping. Get up the next morning, wash your face and see that super smooth, vibrant skin!

4. Sunscreen

The skin is clean, there is a certain humidity, all you need is to apply sunscreen. If you already have a smooth, flawless skin, just adding a tint of lip balm is enough confidence to leave the house. The advice here is that you should choose sunscreens with moisturizing ingredients because these ingredients will play the same role as skin creams, helping your skin to be moisturized. So physical sunscreens or hybrid sunscreens will be more appropriate because chemical sunscreens only work best when used.

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